Feeling Dynamic

Series 1 - Episode 4 Feeling Dynamic



Jason Cook’s Geordie sitcom is hardly at the cutting edge of comedy, tending to loiter somewhere around the periphery of the Royle Family/Gavin & Stacey section of the genre. But its heart is in the right place, and Gina McKee and Jim Moir (aka Vic Reeves) give well-judged performances that are a delight. This week the clueless Jack demonstrates how not to behave at a job interview, while mum Pauline explains why it’s important Jack and Sarah move out of the cramped family home. “They need their own space or they’ll end up like apes in the zoo wandering round in circles flinging their poo about,” she says. Nice.


Sarah attempts to give Jack advice on his interview technique as he tries to find a new job so they can leave town, but he won't compromise in the job market - especially after bumping into his old boss from the Hebburn Advertiser. Dot drives Vicki round the bend after buying her a car, while Joe and Pauline would like a little privacy, but are happy Sarah is doing her bit round the house - unlike their children.

Cast & Crew

Joe Jim Moir (Vic Reeves)
Pauline Gina McKee
Jack Chris Ramsey
Sarah Kimberley Nixon
Dot Pat Dunn
Vicki Lisa McGrillis
Denise Victoria Elliott
Ramsey Jason Cook
Gervaise Neil Grainger
Big Keith Steffen Peddie
Hutchy Curtis Appleby
Siobhan Kathryn Hunt
Geoff Bill Fellows
Martin Arthur Bostrom
Jim Carter Ross Adams
Puffin man Shaun Bell
Director Christine Gernon
Producer Gill Isles
Writer Jason Cook
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