Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner


Series 1 - Episode 1 Breakfast



This week we just get breakfast but there’s plenty to get your teeth into. Clarissa Dickson Wright is our host and is excellent company, as always. She doesn’t hide her disdain when served saltfish smothered in mustard and honey, a favourite with the clergy, but gamely attacks a hare omelette and 1800-calorie Victorian special. Yet it’s the footnotes that really delight – the discovery that St Paul’s choirboys breakfasted on ale while Edward VII favoured a boiled onion stuffed with chicken livers, cream and brandy.

We also learn why meat was mixed up with sex in the Middle Ages and tea considered noxious for the working classes. It’s guaranteed to furnish you with fascinating titbits to impress your dinner guests.


Clarissa Dickson Wright reveals the origins and development of the three core daily meals. She begins by charting the evolution of breakfast across the centuries and the source of its better-known ingredients, and witnesses a recreation of the original experiment that produced the very first cereal flake.