The Dark Tower

Series 5 - Episode 6 The Dark Tower



Is snake in the grass Morgana losing her touch? To separate Queen Gwen from her protectors, the sorceress conjures up… some snakes in the grass. A little unimaginative, perhaps, but it has the desired effect, leaving Leon and Percival with dark magic coursing through their veins and Gwen in Morgana’s clutches.

A mortified King Arthur and Gwen’s brother Sir Elyan lead a rescue mission that turns into that splendidly enjoyable Merlin staple, the quest. But while Camelot’s armoured division is huffing and puffing through the Impenetrable Forest (go around!), Gwen fears for her very sanity in the Dark Tower where Morgana is keeping her.

Though the quest at times resembles a sinister pantomime, there’s nothing amusing about Gwen’s nightmarish ordeal, which makes this instalment probably the most disturbing yet. We were promised “darker” for season five — and we’ve certainly got it.


Gwen becomes the traditional damsel in distress when she is snatched from Camelot and locked in a dark tower, so Arthur mounts his trusty steed and sets out to rescue his bride, accompanied by Merlin and his loyal knights. However, her kidnapper is none other than Morgana, who has imprisoned the queen in a place that haunts the dreams of men. Before them lays a landscape riddled with hidden dangers, perilous obstacles and magical beings - but surely, the sorceress wouldn't have made it quite that easy?