Natural World Special: Attenborough's Ark

Natural World Special: Attenborough's Ark

Series 31



With so many animals facing the same fate as the dodo,
David Attenborough is spoilt for choice when he picks ten creatures to take on his imaginary ark and so save them from extinction. However, his top ten will surprise you if you were expecting pandas and tigers to figure. His selection is much more esoteric.

Most of us won’t have heard about, let alone seen, the solenodon (a nocturnal creature descended from T rex that lives in the Dominican Republic) or the olm of Croatia (a blind, worm-like amphibian that lives in total darkness). But whether it’s a Darwin frog (with its unusual breeding method), a cute mouse-like northern quoll or a baby Sumatran rhino, Attenborough talks about each with passion, wonder and fondness. His sweet exchange with a black lion tamarin monkey is simply enchanting.


Naturalist David Attenborough chooses the 10 endangered animals from around the world that he would most like to save from extinction, explaining why these creatures are so important and highlighting the work of biologists helping to keep them alive. His list includes Darwin's frog, the Sumatran rhino, Priam's birdwing butterfly and the black lion tamarin.

Cast & Crew

Presenter David Attenborough
Producer Sally Thomson
Series Editor Steve Greenwood