Gods and Monsters

Series 2 - Episode 7 Gods and Monsters



The team encounters a high-school student with the devastating ability to control minds, and concerns are raised about the impact the boy's power has on those under his thrall. With the stakes higher than ever, Rosen is forced to join up with Stanton Parish to bring the teenager in for tests, unaware that his arch enemy has an ulterior motive for lending a hand. Sci-fi thriller, guest starring John Pyper-Ferguson and Connor Price.

Cast & Crew

Dr Lee Rosen David Strathairn
Gary Bell Ryan Cartwright
Cameron Hicks Warren Christie
Rachel Pirzad Azita Ghanizada
Nina Theroux Laura Mennell
Bill Harken Malik Yoba
Kat Erin Way
Stanton Parish John Pyper-Ferguson
Danielle Rosen Kathleen Munroe
Jason Miller Connor Price
Director Mairzee Almas
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