Ian Rankin and the Case of the Disappearing Detective

Episode 1 Ian Rankin and the Case of the Disappearing Detective



Once a year Ian Rankin goes to a scruffy manila folder packed with newspaper clippings and hurried notes scrawled on restaurant napkins, to look for ideas. Then he writes a book.

In an entertaining and freewheeling Imagine we see an increasingly bleary-eyed and doleful Rankin recording his writing process as he sits in the study of his handsome Edinburgh house.

Though Rankin retired his creation, craggy detective John Rebus, in 2007’s Exit Music, Rebus returns in Rankin’s latest novel, Standing in Another Man’s Grave. We follow Rankin on a rainy, fact-finding road trip to the wilds of Scotland and sit with him as he tries not to look too furious when he reads his editor’s notes.


New series. Alan Yentob meets crime writer Ian Rankin over a six-month period as he writes his new novel. He originally found fame with DI John Rebus, the maverick detective who first appeared in Knots & Crosses in 1987 and was retired 20 years and 17 novels later in Exit Music. Now, as he struggles to find something new to write about, the author trawls through folders of notes, newspaper clippings and ideas scribbled on napkins - and eventually ends up bringing back his most famous character. But will it please the fans?