The Disir

Series 5 - Episode 5 The Disir



From their underground lair, three old crones, harking back to the witches of Shakespeare’s Macbeth or the Graeae of Greek myth, send out Osgar the sorcerer to pass judgement on Arthur. When Osgar (Andrew Tiernan) kills one of the Knights of the Round Table, the young king leads a detachment to dispense justice.
Naturally, Queen Gwen voices her displeasure that hubbie is being quite so gung-ho, while furtive new knight Mordred is champing at the bit for a taste of the action – much to Merlin’s anxiety. But, in any case, who are those wise old women: the doomsaying Disir? Fortunately, demystifier-in-chief Gaius is on hand to explain...

This week’s episode fulfils the season’s darker remit nicely. It’s a sombre, soul-searching tale that thrusts the whole Arthur v Merlin/men v magic clash to the fore.


In the inky depths of an ancient pool, a trio of soothsayers cast a dark judgement upon Arthur. But despite Merlin's warnings, the headstrong king refuses to take their words seriously, so their fury rains down on Camelot. With the kingdom in jeopardy, only the greatest sacrifice can appease them - but is it one Arthur is prepared to make? Colin Morgan, Bradley James star in the fantasy drama.