What Lies Above - Part Two

Series 2 - Episode 13 What Lies Above - Part Two



Vultaire turns from enemy to ally, freeing the Cats and joining Tygra in an aerial counter-attack on Mumm-Ra. A battle for the Tech Stone ensues.

Cast & Crew

Lion-O Will Friedle
Cheetara Emmanuelle Chriqui
WilyKat Eamon Pirruccello
Tygra Matthew Mercer
WilyKit Madeleine Hall
Panthro Kevin Michael Richardson
Pumyra Pamela Adlon
Snarf Satomi Koorogi
Mumm-Ra Robin Atkin Downes
Slythe Dee Bradley Baker
Vultaire Michael McKean
Executive Producer Sam Register
Producer Michael Jelenic
Producer Ethan Spaulding
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