The Gaza Surf Club

The Gaza Surf Club


”Surfing is a sport which has no limits. No one can control you. They can’t tell you ‘do this’ or ‘do that’. It’s freedom. You do whatever you want.”

This documentary looks at how, for Palestinians living under blockade and occasional bombardment in Gaza, surfing is not just an escape but a way to keep communities together: for these wave-riders, the aim of the game isn’t to do fancy tricks, but to hold the hand of the person on the next board.

The programme is a lyrical portrait of transcendent nature, and the human spirit surviving in adversity.


Life through the eyes of a group of Palestinian surfers, who defy both the Israeli blockade and a sea that is often polluted with raw sewage to ride the waves off the coast of the troubled territory. The programme joins Matt Olsen, the son of an American diplomat who has known Gaza since childhood, as he teaches the club's members some new skills and helps them establish a surf shack.