Series 4 - Episode 2



Last week we were left wondering why new boy Finn has a woman gagged and bound to his bed. Naturally, it has to do with the occasionally wonderful but mostly weird superpowers with which all the Misfits are endowed – this one is possibly the most inventive yet.

Meanwhile, ex-EastEnder Shaun Dooley growls, gnashes his teeth and generally has a whale of a time as the terrifying new probation officer. But it’s still Joe Gilgun as Rudy who gets the lewdest, crudest gags and all the best lines. This week Rudy is surprised to discover he has principles.


Finn is not as innocent as he looks when a dark secret he has been hiding at home is revealed. Seth has to be persuaded to come out of retirement and take a power, and Rudy and Curtis go into battle over a blind girl.

Cast & Crew

Jess Karla Crome
Rudy Joseph Gilgun
Finn Nathan McMullen
Curtis Nathan Stewart-Jarrett
Alex Matt Stokoe
Greg Shaun Dooley
Seth Matthew McNulty
Sadie Imogen Doel
Ally Eleanor Wild
Lola Lucy Gaskell
Director Nirpal Bhogal
Series Producer Matt Strevens
Writer Howard Overman
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