Some Girls

Series 1 - Episode 1



Expect some pearl-clutching tabloid outrage about this. Bernadette Davis’s comedy introduces a quartet of girls in their mid-teens who swear, have sex and regularly countermand their mothers and fathers! Yet while parents of girls approaching that age may well blanch, there’s some depth to lead character Viva (Adelayo Adedayo), who’s rebelling against her dad (Colin Salmon) because he’s seeing her school football coach (Dolly Wells).

The script mixes deft set pieces with cheap laughs – the mute girl in
a burqa made me uncomfortable – but the direction, by Adam Miller,
is consistently great: plenty of swift visual gags and a very funny, lairy girls’ football match filmed in slow motion.


Comedy following the life of 16-year-old Viva as she navigates the problems and pitfalls she faces growing up on a south London estate. After hearing some upsetting news from her dad, the teenager decides to leave home and find a place with her friends. Meanwhile, her pal Amber is having trouble dumping her boyfriend.

Cast & Crew

Viva Adelayo Adedayo
Amber Alice Felgate
Holli Natasha Jonas
Saz Mandeep Dhillon
Anna Dolly Wells
Rob Colin Salmon
Jamie Nathan Bryon
Brandon Franz Drameh
Mel Sarah Hoare
Director Adam Miller
Producer Justin Davies
Writer Bernadette Davis
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