Nigel Slater: Life Is Sweets

Nigel Slater: Life Is Sweets


The Toast author gets all Proustian as he gleefully dives back into his childhood world of sweets and chocolate bars. He even reveals that eating a certain toffee while writing his acclaimed memoir helped him to access memories. Though he unearths a fascinating history of confectionery, the emotional core lies in his rich recollections of how important sweets have been in his life.The scene where he eats a marshmallow – much like those his father gave him after his mother died – in his old childhood bedroom is bittersweet in its tenderness.


The food writer charts the origins of British sweets and chocolate, from medicinal medieval boiled candy to the treats that line supermarket shelves today. Nigel recalls his favourites from childhood, including a small toffee that inspired him to write his memoir, marshmallows that remind him of his mother and a travel sweet which conjures up visions of his father.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Nigel Slater
Director Mark Adderley
Executive Producer Emma Hindley
Writer Nigel Slater