Fresh Meat

Series 2 - Episode 5



Tonight Howard plays at Poirot after the house is burgled, Kingsley is wobbly-lipped with jealousy because Josie is monopolising his girlfriend, and plummy JP almost bursts with pride when he makes friends with a real-life Mancunian. But it’s Vod (played by the superb Zawe Ashton) who steals the show. We’re used to her barking behaviour but tonight something is seriously amiss.

Gone are the usual military boots, leather trousers, black lipstick and spiky thatch; instead, she wears a dress, long curly locks and a pink flower in her hair. Even more astonishingly, she’s lost for expletives. Could it be? Oh yes: Vod is head over heels in love – and the fallout is hilarious.


Things go from bad to worse for the students as Josie makes a catastrophic error of judgement, Howard turns detective to catch an intruder, a chance encounter leads Oregon to fall for a sexy librarian and Vod is forced to admit she is in love. Kimberley Nixon, Charlotte Ritchie, Zawe Ashton and Greg McHugh star.

Cast & Crew

JP Jack Whitehall
Kingsley Joe Thomas
Howard Greg McHugh
Josie Kimberley Nixon
Vod Zawe Ashton
Oregon Charlotte Ritchie
Sabine Jelka Van Houten
Heather Sophie Wu
Prof Tony Shales Tony Gardner
Prof Jean Shales Sara Stewart
Dylan Ronan Raftery
Dr Minaj Sanjeev Kohli
Al Steve Jackson
New handyman Gareth Tunley
WPC Margaret Cabourn-Smith
Director Annie Griffin
Executive Producer Judy Counihan
Executive Producer Jesse Armstrong
Executive Producer Sam Bain
Executive Producer Phil Clarke
Executive Producer Andrew Newman
Producer Rhonda Smith
Writer Penelope Skinner
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