Inspector Montalbano

The Potter's Field

Series 2 - Episode 11 The Potter's Field



Salvo Montalbano and his Sicilian investigations always provide a balmy diversion – as well as a handy schedule-filler for BBC4 between new foreign acquisitions. Their stop-start run of repeats winds back to films first shown in 2012, and The Potter’s Field is without doubt the most entertaining tale so far. It’s often snortingly funny – despite the fact that the case concerns the discovery of a corpse, chopped into 30 pieces and left in a quarry in a bin liner. It’s enough to put Salvo right off his penne al pesto; luckily, we viewers are spared any grisly evidence.

The story is more concerned with the theme of friendship and betrayal. This is made plain via a bizarre interlude in which goofball Catarella takes on amateur dramatics and plays Judas in some street theatre. But ultimately and quite movingly, it explores Salvo’s fidelity to his deputy and friend, randy Mimì Augello, whose philandering is clouding his judgement.


A plastic bag containing a body cut into pieces is found in a clay field and all the signs point to an old-fashioned Mafia killing. However, Montalbano's colleague and friend Mimi Augello takes a sudden interest and his mood swings arouse suspicion that he may be involved. Italian detective drama, based on novels by Andrea Camilleri, starring Luca Zingaretti. In Italian with English subtitles.

Cast & Crew

Salvo Montalbano Luca Zingaretti
Mimi Augello Cesare Bocci
Giuseppe Fazio Peppino Mazzotta
Ingrid Sjostrom Isabell Sollman
Catarella Angelo Russo
Dr Pasquano Marcello Perracchio
Pintacuda Tuccio Musumeci
Nicolo Zito Roberto Nobile
Dolores Alfano Belen Rodriguez
Director Alberto Sironi
Writer Salvatore De Mola
Writer Andrea Camilleri
Writer Francesco Bruni
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