Jamie's 15 Minute Meals

Grilled Steak and Blackened Chicken

Series 1 - Episode 13 Grilled Steak and Blackened Chicken



Ingredients out! Kettle boiled! Pans hot! Processor fitted with the appropriate blade! Just getting ready to cook one of Jamie’s frantic meals in 15 minutes is exhausting enough. Better just sit down and watch him do it, and then tootle along at your usual pace. Rushing and knives don’t mix.

Today’s recipes offer the chance to pick up useful skills, including cooking perfect steak and adding interest to the world’s most po-faced grain, quinoa. The steak goes with a quick-fix ratatouille (the veg are grilled first) and saffron rice, while the quinoa requires mango, avocado, a load of herbs, limes, peppers, and a miracle.


Jamie Oliver demonstrates how to cook grilled steak, ratatouille, and saffron rice, plus blackened chicken and quinoa salad, all within 15 minutes.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Jamie Oliver
Executive Producer Zoe Collins
Series Director Mike Matthews
Series Producer Nicola Pointer