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The Comic Strip Presents: Five Go to Rehab

The Comic Strip Presents: Five Go to Rehab



It’s been – brace yourselves – 30 years since the Famous Five cycled cheerfully around the countryside, uncovering sinister skulduggery in Five Go Mad in Dorset. And to mark the occasion – with heaps of sandwiches and lashings of ginger beer – the Comic Strip reunites Julian, Anne, Dick, George and Timmy the dog (!) for an updated caper.

Dick (Adrian Edmondson) appears to have lost none of his thirst for adventure as he brings the old gang together for a nostalgic holiday. But his jaded chums hide dark secrets that could scupper the japes and scrapes. Is there still a place in the world for the Five — and shall there be jam for tea?

What Rehab lacks in anarchic innovation (the original 1982 parody sparked complaints from viewers), it more than makes up for with spirited playing, an affectionate eye and a sweet ending. Hoo-rah!


Sequel to The Comic Strip Presents: Five Go Mad in Dorset to celebrate its 30th anniversary. The young heroes have now grown up, but remain out of touch with the modern world.