Space Dive

Space Dive


Felix Baumgartner is obsessed with leaping from high places. He calls it a curse. If you watched his recent fall to Earth from the edge of space you might think it better described as a blessing. A BBC crew has been following Baumgartner for the past four years through every giant leap and equally sizeable setback of his training. There are scenes of intense tenderness – with his mum and with his mentor Joe Kittinger, whose 1960 100,000ft jump record he aims to break – and moments of tension as delays, sackings and catastrophic equipment failures cause Baumgartner a serious crisis of confidence.

Then there’s the jump, with footage shot exclusively for this film. It could easily have been Baumgartner’s obituary; instead it’s a glorious tribute to a daredevil endeavour that demands the creation of new superlatives.


Documentary about 43-year-old Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner's parachute jump, when he became the first person to freefall through the sound barrier after leaping from a record-breaking height of 24 miles. The film follows Felix as he trains under the supervision of 82-year-old Joe Kittinger, the man who set the altitude record when he fell 19 miles to Earth in 1960, and shows how the mission came close to being aborted in the final stages of the ascent.