Richard Hammond's Miracles of Nature


Series 1 - Episode 1 Super-Bodies



Imagine if Tomorrow’s World had had a zoo at its disposal and Hammond at the helm so it could examine the cutting-edge engineering influenced by some of the cleverest aspects of evolution among birds and beasts.

The highlight tonight is the fate of a light bulb dropped back to Earth from space. It’s packed into a protective canister modelled on the layers that help a woodpecker’s brain to withstand its head-banging feeding habits. The pictures from 85,000ft up are extraordinary, but will the bulb (and its filament) survive the impact? Hammond’s excitement is infectious.


The Hamster enters the natural world to uncover animals' secret abilities and reveal how those skills have inspired a series of unlikely inventions. In the first programme, he discovers how scientists have been able to build a flying submarine, prevent jet pilots losing consciousness, safely protect a light bulb dropped from space and waterproof a mobile phone, all thanks to creatures as diverse as a vulture, a giraffe, a woodpecker and a South American butterfly.