Lang Lang: Live at the Roundhouse

Lang Lang: Live at the Roundhouse


Having earnt his stripes as the world’s most famous living classical pianist, Lang Lang releases his inner rock star with a startling performance at London’s Roundhouse. Shock-haired and in a black PVC jacket, he runs through a programme of Liszt to a whooping crowd on a stage surrounded by flashing LED screens. You may need a chill-out after his 45-minute set.

At 8.20pm, The Art of Being a Virtuoso rams home Lang Lang’s similarities with Liszt as a performing sensation, and follows him on tour through China, Europe and the US.


Classical musician Lang Lang performs at the Roundhouse as part of the iTunes festival in July 2011. He plays nine of the finest solo piano pieces from Franz Liszt including La Campanella, Un Sospiro and Hungarian Rhapsody No 6.