Jonathan & Charlotte

Jonathan & Charlotte


Essex teenagers Jonathan Antoine and Charlotte Jaconelli suffered the indignity of being beaten by a dog in Britain’s Got Talent, but being runners-up hasn’t hurt them. This film tells their story, from being paired up by a teacher at school to one of their first professional engagements in Monte Carlo. Now they’re able to tour Europe getting advice from people like Pavarotti’s vocal coach, Leone Magiera, and are working on the skills that they’ll need in order to hang around long-term.

In between there’s the juicy stuff, including an admission from Simon Cowell that he should never have suggested that they split up. Getting Simon Cowell to say he was wrong? That’s surely makes it worth being beaten by a dog.


Documentary about the lives of the classical duo who found fame on Britain's Got Talent earlier this year. Just days after finishing as runners-up behind dancing dog act Ashleigh and Pudsey, the Essex teenagers were given a reported £1million record deal, and have recently released their debut album. This programme follows them as they travel to Italy and France, receiving guidance from Luciano Pavarotti's vocal coach Leone Magiera and taking a masterclass with acclaimed tenor Rolando Villazon. The pair also catch up with Simon Cowell and enjoy one of their first professional engagements - a gig in Monte Carlo.