The Year the Town Hall Shrank

Winners and Losers

Series 1 - Episode 1 Winners and Losers



Are we all in this together? The start of this three-parter, filmed in Stoke last year, asks whether there might be some people in society who can’t help solve the “debt crisis” because they have no fat to trim.

City council leader Mohammed Pervez has to implement £36 million in savings, and says he sees no option but to close children’s centres and elderly care homes. We meet the ordinary people for whom such moves would be utterly devastating — and watch them fight back. The film builds to a thrilling, highly charged showdown as the council finally votes on a new budget. If you think local politics is obscure or irrelevant, you must watch this.


Documentary following the effects of the austerity-driven budget cuts on Stoke-on-Trent and the wider repercussions for the city's residents. In the first episode shot during December 2010, a £36million shortfall to the local authority's finances is discovered, and council leader Mohammed Pervez is left with the unpalatable task of deciding what services are to be scrapped.
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