The Soul Sever

Series 2 - Episode 11 The Soul Sever



The Cats' new adversary the Soul Sever gets his robot army to steal the Book of Omens to help carry out his experiment transplanting living creatures' souls into cyborgs.

Cast & Crew

Lion-O Will Friedle
Cheetara Emmanuelle Chriqui
WilyKat Eamon Pirruccello
WilyKit Madeleine Hall
Tygra Matthew Mercer
Panthro Kevin Michael Richardson
Snarf Satomi Koorogi
Mumm-Ra Robin Atkin Downes
Pumyra Pamela Adlon
Ponzi Jim Meskimen
The Soul Sever Jeffrey Combs
Jorma Corey Burton
Executive Producer Sam Register
Producer Ethan Spaulding
Producer Michael Jelenic
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