Grand Designs

Series 12 - Episode 7



The traditional white buildings of Skye aren’t a language that artist Indi Waterstone speaks. Along with her partner Rebecca, she is building a striking, lozenge-shaped house, clad in bright larch and topped with turf. The house is so isolated, they have few neighbours — perhaps a good thing, as it won’t blend in. But both it and the studio they’re planning are inspired by nature, and have been part of Indi’s self-build dream for years.

The budget, which has been scrimped and saved for, is far from extravagant at £150,000. The major challenges are the relentlessly rough weather, the remote site, and a local builder who seems to be putting the whole place up single-handed.


Kevin McCloud meets artists Indi and Rebecca, who are planning to construct a modern, larch-clad home on the Isle of Skye, with a second hand-crafted building alongside to use as their studio, all on a tight budget of £150,000. They have been saving for years, but making it happen will mean taking on the savage weather, not to mention the sceptical locals - and as if that weren't enough, most of the work is being done by one man, local builder Donald.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Kevin McCloud
Director Ned William
Executive Producer Charlie Bunce
Executive Producer Fiona Caldwell
Series Producer Mike Ratcliffe