Series 2 - Episode 6 Alphaville



Rosen and Bill analyse the machine that was used to enhance Jason Miller's ability and take it to inventor Skylar Adams, but they are hindered by a man named Gower, who wishes Rosen dead for the revelation that broke up his family. Rachel receives heightened abilities when the device flashes light in her face, which she uses to determine where Zoe is being held hostage.

Cast & Crew

Dr Lee Rosen David Strathairn
Gary Bell Ryan Cartwright
Cameron Hicks Warren Christie
Rachel Pirzad Azita Ghanizada
Nina Theroux Laura Mennell
Bill Harken Malik Yoba
Cornell Scipio Elias Toufexis
Skylar Adams Summer Glau
Zoe Adams Skylar Wexler
Trisha Kaniehtiio Horn
Bip Nathan Stephenson
Gower Grant Nickalls
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