Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan

Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan

Series 1 - Episode 1



As a child Dominic Monaghan, the Lost star and celluloid Hobbit, was allergic to fur but fond of animals. As a result, his pet collection was very much on the cold-blooded side, and his interest in creatures such as snakes, spiders and lizards continued into adulthood.

Here he travels to Venezuela in search of the scolopendra gigantea, a huge centipede with “flesh-melting” venom. He abseils into a bat cave (and wades through guano and cockroaches), while a neotropical rattlesnake is, in his assessment, “very, very cool”, making Wild Things more like a basis for a homework project than the kind of nature TV the BBC spoils us with.


The Lord of the Rings and Lost star explores some of the planet's most remote, spectacular and dangerous landscapes in search of unusual and interesting creatures. Dominic begins his quest in the wilds of Venezuela, South America, looking for a cave rumoured to house scolopendra gigantea - one of the world's largest centipedes. To get to his prey, the actor finds himself abseiling into a toxic cave and hiking through a snake-infested jungle, encountering a false chameleon, a sloth, a deadly rattlesnake and a tarantula along the way.