A Wolf Called Storm: Natural World Special

A Wolf Called Storm: Natural World Special

Series 31



If you remember the wolves hunting buffalo in Frozen Planet, you’ll enoy this: a whole film devoted to those chases, where the pack harries a herd of buffalo until one gets unlucky. The buffalo are enormous — up to a ton in weight — and if they stand their ground, the wolves don’t have a hope. Standoffs can last for days, until the wolves find a way to get the buffalo moving. Then they chase the herd for up to 20 miles until an adult stumbles or a calf gets separated, and they’re in.

The film-makers are squeamish about showing the actual kill (“It’s hard to watch these predations, but death is a crucial part of the natural cycle,” they tell us apologetically). But it’s still powerful stuff, and the pack leader — nicknamed Storm — is a wonderful beast.


Jeff Turner spends a year in northern Canada filming the life of a wolf pack that featured in the David Attenborough series Frozen Planet. The cameraman learns how the animals survive in the harsh wilderness and discovers whether the pack leader can pass its hunting skills on to a new generation of cubs.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Jeff Turner
Director Jeff Turner
Producer Jeff Turner
Series Producer Steve Greenwood