The Rose Queen

Series 4 - Episode 4 The Rose Queen



Dr Weatherill is involved in an air rescue to save an unconscious girl and finds herself braving a cliff abseil to reach the youngster. Dr Ormerod faces a difficult time when he misdiagnoses a patient who is left fighting for life in hospital. Sister Brigid has an accident on her bike, while Harper faces a staff revolt. Medical drama, starring Amy Robbins, Robert Daws, Linda Armstrong and John Axon.

Cast & Crew

Dr Jill Weatherill Amy Robbins
Dr Gordon Ormerod Robert Daws
Sister Brigid Linda Armstrong
Nigel Harper John Axon
Matron Wendy Craig
TJ Middleditch Ian Carmichael
Dr Jeffrey Goodwin Paul Fox
Lizzie Kennoway Michelle Hardwick
Ken Hopkirk Michael Starke
Mr Rose Denis Lill
Alun Morris Andy Wear
Staff Nurse Meryl Taylor Zoie Kennedy
Frankie Robinson Scott Taylor
Nurse Samantha Beaumont Anna Madeley
Anita Barton Katie Pearson
Hazel Barton Samantha Power
Ian Sadler Jimmy Reddington
Sadie Sadler Melissa Sinden
Mrs Graham Julie Glover
Arthur Graham Graeme Hawley
Barry Price John Lightbody
Sheila Price Alison Swann
Ray Archer John Branwell
Mr Hallows Roger Butcher
Director Frank W Smith
Executive Producer Keith Richardson
Executive Producer Ken Horn
Producer Carol Wilks
Writer John Flanagan
Writer Andrew McCulloch
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