The Invention of Spain

The Invention of Spain

Episode 1



Spain has no words to its national anthem: a collection of realms botched together, such a fundamentally divided country has never managed to agree on words to sum itself up.

Misha Glenny tells the story of how the idea of this nation was born and how it would eventually go on to shape the world, becoming the first great European empire. This episode cogently explores how the concept of Spain was cemented in the decisive year of 1492, when the disparate lands from Galicia to Andalusia fused to become something a little more coherent.


Journalist Misha Glenny presents a history of Spain in three parts, beginning with the year of 1492, when an edict was published expelling Jews, and Columbus discovered the New World. The year is frequently cited as the birth of modern Spain, but there is another story behind the national mythology that reveals a fractured country.