Wolfblood: The First Pack: Irresistible

Wolfblood: The First Pack: Irresistible

Series 1

Sun 26 Nov 5:35pm - 6pm CBBC


In the final, rather sad, episode Rhydian is once again the cause of friction between Maddy and her parents. Rhydian’s discovered he has a younger brother and Maddy’s parents are concerned that one of the brothers will give away the secret that they can all transform into wolves. With Shannon and her camera hoping to prove the creatures exist, they could be right.


Rhydian's brother arrives in town and Shannon gets her hands on Kyle's wolfbait, which is irresistible to all wolfbloods, including Maddy.

Cast & Crew

Maddy Aimee Kelly
Rhydian Bobby Lockwood
Tom Kedar Williams-Stirling
Shannon Louisa Connolly-Burnham
Kay Shorelle Hepkin
Kara Rachel Teate
Katrina Gabrielle Green
Jimi Jonathan Raggett
Liam Niek Versteeg
Sam Nahom Kassa
Bernie Bill Fellows
Daniel Marcus Garvey
Emma Angela Lonsdale
Ceri Siwan Morris
Bryn Nathan Williams
Director Andrew Gunn
Producer Foz Allan
Writer Debbie Moon
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