Freaky Sleepers

Freaky Sleepers


When 23-year-old Tom goes to bed he worries he might wake up in hospital. Tom has such extreme night terrors that on one occasion he jumped out of an attic window and fell 30ft. This disturbing film explores how stress-related sleep disorders affect people. Some, such as Christian’s sexsomnia (having sex while asleep), are embarrassing and humiliating. Others, such as Dave’s tendency to lash out at his wife, are more frightening. Interestingly, our obsession with mobiles and computers may play a part.


The stresses of modern-day Britain are fuelling a boom in extreme sleep disorders. As people evolve and change with technology, so do their bizarre nocturnal habits, some of which are so extreme they can affect relationships or even be life-threatening. This documentary follows several sufferers, like Torquay man Tom, who has twice jumped out of a window while asleep, Dave from St Helens, who attacked his wife during his slumber, and Christian from Kent, who regularly starts having sex with his partner while he is snoozing.