Ghost Town

Series 1 - Episode 2 Ghost Town



Hebburn is that rare thing, a good, warm, funny new sitcom. This is tempting fate, but it may remind you of another romcom about a young couple and their families. Yes, the sacred memory that is Gavin & Stacey. It has the same director for a start, and writer Jason Cook knows how to make characters big but believable.

This week, Pauline (Gina McKee) is still angry at Jack for getting married without telling her, while Joe (Jim Moir) has a plan to win her round. Look out for a lovely, understated sight gag involving a fist bump, and some vicious comedy in Dot’s old people’s home.


Jack is big news in Hebburn, with a book deal and a big publishing advance in the offing. He hopes he can leave his job at the local newspaper and calm his mum down in one fell swoop, but Pauline is still upset about the wedding and Joe is getting it in the neck for their son's recklessness too. Meanwhile, Ramsey tries to win Denise's heart using the power of alcohol.

Cast & Crew

Joe Jim Moir (Vic Reeves)
Pauline Gina McKee
Jack Chris Ramsey
Sarah Kimberley Nixon
Dot Pat Dunn
Vicki Lisa McGrillis
Denise Victoria Elliott
Ramsey Jason Cook
Gervaise Neil Grainger
Big Keith Steffen Peddie
Hutchy Curtis Appleby
Siobhan Kathryn Hunt
Doris Sheila Dunkerley
Agatha Katherine Ward
Hilda Eileen O'Kane
Ada Catherine Campion
Evelyn Stella Martin
Director Christine Gernon
Producer Gill Isles
Writer Jason Cook
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