Series 1 - Episode 4 Kismet



This security business is a lark; it boils down to peering at people through half-open doors. It certainly makes up a lot of pouty Sam’s day, working for mysterious Byzantium, as she passes the time between doling out savage beatings.

In fact it’s not Sam (Melissa George) but Jack Turner (Patrick Malahide) who first cracks a victim’s head like a soft-boiled egg, for reasons that aren’t entirely clear. But that’s what we’ve come to expect from a thriller so enigmatic it makes Homeland look like Swallows and Amazons. Even
the dialogue is opaque: Byzantium boss Keel (Stephen Dillane) tells a colleague: “We need the answers before we ask the questions.” Eh?


Jack Turner is forced to bid more for the dam than he can afford. It appears he has hatched a plan with hedge-fund manager Lewis Conroy, so Sam sets out to find the connection between the two men. But while she is investigating them, colleague Aidan is looking into her past, having discovered some of his ex-lover's secrets. Espionage thriller, starring Melissa George, Patrick Malahide, Adam Rayner and Richard Dormer.