No Room for Ravers

Series 4 - Episode 3 No Room for Ravers

Friday 12:35pm - 1:40pm ITV3
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Mon 29 Jan, 7:55am - 8:55am ITV3


A routine visit turns into a nightmare for Jill when she is taken hostage by a psychologically damaged ex-prisoner of war, who has barricaded himself into his house and booby-trapped the surrounding land with mines. Meanwhile, Harper is spotted paying frequent visits to a woman in town and Alun is suspended from duty when his noisy band practice causes a woman to slip and break her hip. Medical drama, starring Robert Daws, Amy Robbins, Wendy Craig, Ian Carmichael, Michael Starke, John Axon and Andy Wear.

Cast & Crew

Dr Gordon Ormerod Robert Daws
Dr Jill Weatherill Amy Robbins
Matron Wendy Craig
TJ Middleditch Ian Carmichael
Dr Jeffrey Goodwin Paul Fox
Lizzie Kennoway Michelle Hardwick
Ken Hopkirk Michael Starke
Mr Rose Denis Lill
Nigel Harper John Axon
Sister Brigid Linda Armstrong
Staff Nurse Meryl Taylor Zoie Kennedy
Frankie Robinson Scott Taylor
Samantha Beaumont Anna Madeley
Patrick Maver Derrick O'Connor
Alex Heath Francis Magee
Kathy Rae Emma Ashton
George Rae Paul Simpson
Stan Tony Mooney
Elsa Jones June Broughton
Spike Toby Sawyer
Vera Stubbs Eithne Browne
Katie Ormerod Sophie Foster
Tom Ormerod Daniel Feltham
Director Frank W Smith
Executive Producer Keith Richardson
Executive Producer Ken Horn
Producer Carol Wilks
Writer Mark Holloway
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