Ice Road Truckers

Proving Ground

Series 6 - Episode 8 Proving Ground



As befits his fanciful name, Ronald "Porkchop" Magnum is something of a maverick. Having had a few issues with authority and the rules of the road, he's thrilled to be out on his first solo run of the season. “Porkchop's rollin', baby!” he cries, with scant regard to acceptable modes of referring to yourself.

Fellow rookie Austin also has a chance of making it in the big league. He's part of a three-man team hauling an enormous 100-tonne modular building up the steep Dalton Highway. But even getting it out of the truck park proves troublesome.

Meanwhile, Alex embarks on a treacherous trip across a vast frozen river. Fearing for his life, he drives with the door open to ease his escape should the ice give way. And what's happened to trucking veteran Jack? He's gone mysteriously AWOL, leaving potential riches for his younger colleagues. One thing's for certain: having chalked up almost 80 episodes so far, this unstoppable series will outlast us all.


Ronald `Porkchop' Magnum is given his first solo run of the season, while fellow rookie Austin Wheeler is part of a three-man team hauling a huge modular building up the Dalton Highway to Prudhoe Bay. Rick Yemm awaits results from the hospital about an infection he may have caught from the deer mice in his cab, while Hugh Rowland heads to Bloodvein in Manitoba, which involves crossing the recently opened Lake Winnipeg ice crossing on his own, with a blizzard forecast.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Thom Beers
Executive Producer Jeff Conroy
Executive Producer Philip David Segal
Series Producer Brandon Killion