Series 4 - Episode 10 Misgivings



After another beating, Bubbles gets revenge for Herc's continual betrayals by setting him up to arrest a minister. Little Kevin regrets his decision to have a talk with Marlo, who puts the word out that Randy is a police informant. Chris and Snoop deal with Michael's problem, while Carver arrests Namond and reaches out to Colvin for help with the boy. Burrell seeks to enhance his reputation by ordering the department to double the number of street arrests.

Cast & Crew

Marlo Stanfield Jamie Hector
Bodie JD Williams
Randy Wagstaff Maestro Harrell
Namond Brice Julito McCullum
Michael Lee Tristan Wilds
Duquan 'Dukie' Weems Jermaine Crawford
Roland `Prez' Pryzbylewski Jim True-Frost
Det Jimmy McNulty Dominic West
Det William `Bunk' Moreland Wendell Pierce
Det Shakima Greggs Sonja Sohn
Det Ellis Carver Seth Gilliam
Thomas J Carcetti Aidan Gillen
Det Thomas `Herc' Hauk Domenick Lombardozzi
Acting Commissioner Ervin H Burrell Frankie Faison
Howard `Bunny' Colvin Robert Wisdom
Lt Cedric Daniels Lance Reddick
Omar Little Michael K Williams
Bubbles Andre Royo
Chris Partlow Gbenga Akinnagbe
Snoop Felicia Pearson
Little Kevin Tyrell Baker
Donut Nathan Corbett
Director Ernest Dickerson
Writer Ed Burns
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