Series 10 - Episode 3 Lemons



When the boys hastily assemble a Swedish flat-pack rejuvenation shower, the last thing they expect is to be shot back to Earth in AD 23 without the means of getting back to Red Dwarf.

It’s an almighty problem, to be sure, but not as big as the Almighty problem that follows when they run into Jesus in a crowded market square. Cue lots of timey-wimey peril that involves the son of God getting a preview of his status as the central figure of Christianity and not exactly liking what he sees.

We’re not talking Life of Brian levels of controversy here, just good-natured ribbing of Bible stories. Plus there’s the chance to find out why Rimmer was given the middle name of Judas.


The Dwarfers are marooned on Earth in AD23 and must find a battery to power up the Returner Remote if they are going to make it home.

Cast & Crew

Dave Lister Craig Charles
Arnold Rimmer Chris Barrie
Kryten Robert Llewellyn
Cat Danny John-Jules
Erin Indira Joshi
Jesus James Baxter
Waiter Hormuzd Todiwala
Director Doug Naylor
Writer Doug Naylor
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Drama Sitcom