The Choir: Sing While You Work

The Choir: Sing While You Work

Series 1 - Episode 5



So far this series has been about the way a workplace choir can bind people into a cheery team. They sing, they smile, they feel better about themselves and we’re cheered up, too. It may feel like emotional blackmail at times, but it’s hard to resist. But from this episode it changes: now it’s a competition between the choirs, with the familiar jeopardy lines of reality shows (“It’s game on... the pressure’s on” etc) and an elimination at the end by judges with, obviously, a “tough decision to make”. Luckily, there are plenty of sweet harmonies along the way. The Bristol Royal Mail gang singing The Rhythm of Life is well worth hearing.


With all of his workplace choirs set up, Gareth Malone pits them against each other for the first time. The four entrants - Lewisham Healthcare NHS Trust, the Royal Mail, Manchester Airport and Severn Trent Water - are each given a new song and have less than four weeks to prepare a distinctive performance routine to be assessed by expert judges Manvinder Rattan, Ruby Turner and Ralph Allwood at Bristol's prestigious Colston Hall. Only the best three will make it through to next week's final.
Music Documentary