The Paradise

Series 1 - Episode 4



The ladieswear department is in turmoil; its frilly tsarina Miss Audrey has a funny turn and retires to her bed. But who will take her place in this palace of froufrou feminine delights? It’s another charmingly arch episode where everyone acts for all they are worth.

Handsome Mr Moray pines for his dead wife and for another lost love while goody two-shoes shop girl Denise smiles benignly as she gets everything right yet again.

Spoilt aristocratic brat Katherine (Elaine Cassidy, who wears a series of the most gorgeous gowns) picks flowers and trifles with the affections of the men in her life while her dad frowns in a hat. The Paradise – it’s like eating lots of lovely jelly.


Miss Audrey is confined to her bed with a mysterious illness, so Denise and Clara compete to become temporary head of ladieswear, just as an important order is due. Moray is on edge because Katherine is stepping out with Peter Adler - she is clearly enjoying the respect and affection her new beau is showing her, but is it really enough to make her happy? Period drama, starring Sarah Lancashire, Joanna Vanderham, Emun Elliott and Elaine Cassidy.

Cast & Crew

Pauline Ruby Bentall
Sam Stephen Wight
Clara Sonya Cassidy
Denise Joanna Vanderham
Miss Audrey Sarah Lancashire
Moray Emun Elliott
Lord Glendenning Patrick Malahide
Katherine Glendenning Elaine Cassidy
Peter Adler Mark Bonnar
Dudley Matthew McNulty
Edmund Lovett Peter Wight
Fabian Eberhart Stephanie Cornicard
Arthur Finn Burridge
Director Sue Tully
Producer Simon Lewis
Writer Bill Gallagher
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