Coronation Street

Coronation Street

Episode 7978



Gail is horrified to discover her mother has decided to run away with Lewis, but as a row blows up Penny arrives and threatens to call the police - leading Audrey to make a rash decision. Steve thinks he has cottoned on to Tracy's latest plot, but the only way he can prove it is to break up with Michelle. How will his ex react? Jenna makes her peace with Mandy and Lloyd, and Rita's hackles rise when Gloria plies Dennis with free drinks, convinced he is the mystery judge of the Pub of the Year competition.

Cast & Crew

Gail McIntyre Helen Worth
Audrey Roberts Sue Nicholls
Lewis Archer Nigel Havers
Penny Thornley Susan Hanson
Steve McDonald Simon Gregson
Tracy McDonald Kate Ford
Michelle Connor Kym Marsh
Jenna Kamara Krissi Bohn
Mandy Kamara Pamela Nomvete
Lloyd Mullaney Craig Charles
Rita Tanner Barbara Knox
Gloria Price Sue Johnston
Dennis Tanner Philip Lowrie
Director Laurence Moody
Producer Phil Collinson
Writer Julie Jones
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