Coronation Street

Coronation Street

Episode 7977



Deception is being practised on a grand scale: first Mary passes the café off as a Moroccan souk thanks to some odds and sods from Eccles market, then Dennis scams Golden Glo for free drinks at the Rovers after insinuating that he’s the mystery pub inspector.

But the jury’s out on whether Lewis Houdini Archer is the Street’s biggest con man – yes, he’s back and acting contrite after leaving Audrey high and dry in Lille earlier in the week. Gail’s convinced that he still has an eye on her mam’s bank balance and swears that she won’t let him hoodwink the family for a second time.


Lewis reappears at the salon, telling Audrey he had to flee because on their journey home he bumped into a woman from his past and he owes her money. But when Audrey reveals she already knows, the conman decides he has to run away again - and asks her to go with him. Tracy is relishing her new living arrangements, taking every opportunity to wind Michelle up and drive a wedge between her and Steve. Mary is furious when Kylie makes disparaging remarks about Roy's Rolls and becomes more determined than ever to outdo the Bistro with her next theme night.

Cast & Crew

Lewis Archer Nigel Havers
Audrey Roberts Sue Nicholls
Tracy McDonald Kate Ford
Michelle Connor Kym Marsh
Steve McDonald Simon Gregson
Mary Taylor Patti Clare
Kylie Platt Paula Lane
Director Laurence Moody
Producer Phil Collinson
Writer Jonathan Harvey
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