Coronation Street

Coronation Street

Episode 7976



Mysterious visitor Penny tells Audrey a familiar old story about Lewis, how she once thought he was her lover, only for him to run off having conned her out of thousands of pounds. Audrey is adamant he has changed - but finally has to admit she has been taken for a fool once more. Steve finds out about Ryan and Tracy's plans to move away, so he comes up with a counter-suggestion - but will Michelle agree to the expectant couple moving into the flat with them? Lloyd's hopes of a romantic night with Mandy are ruined when she gets upset, realising Jenna isn't going to turn up for dinner after all, and Gloria persuades Stella to go on holiday, leaving her in charge of the Rovers.

Cast & Crew

Penny Thornley Susan Hanson
Audrey Roberts Sue Nicholls
Steve McDonald Simon Gregson
Ryan Connor Sol Heras
Tracy McDonald Kate Ford
Michelle Connor Kym Marsh
Mandy Kamara Pamela Nomvete
Lloyd Mullaney Craig Charles
Gloria Price Sue Johnston
Stella Price Michelle Collins
Director Laurence Moody
Producer Phil Collinson
Writer Chris Fewtrell
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