Friday Night Dinner

Mr Morris

Series 2 - Episode 2 Mr Morris



Dotty grandma arrives for dinner with her terrible new boyfriend, or “male companion” as she prefers. He’s a mean-spirited old man who arrives by crashing his car into the Goodmans’ front door before berating the household. Again, it’s an episode that relies heavily on farce and eye-popping outrage, so it wears thin quite quickly. But Harry Landis, as the boyfriend, is gloriously awful, whether he’s engaging in excruciating displays of affection with grandma (“I’m all randy”) to claiming he’s been abused by the entirely innocent Adam (Simon Bird). And there’s a welcome, though all too brief, visit from febrile neighbour Jim (Mark Heap).


Grandma introduces the family to her new boyfriend, but the old curmudgeon quickly upsets everyone with his rude behaviour. Dad cannot stand him and hides in his shed, but nobody is prepared for what happens when the guest suddenly loses his temper. Comedy, starring Simon Bird.

Cast & Crew

Dad Paul Ritter
Mum Tamsin Greig
Adam Simon Bird
Jonny Tom Rosenthal
Jim Mark Heap
Grandma Frances Cuka
Mr Morris Harry Landis
Director Martin Dennis
Executive Producer Kenton Allen
Executive Producer Caroline Leddy
Executive Producer Nira Park
Producer Robert Popper
Writer Robert Popper
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