Series 6 - Episode 3 Triangle



Mulder travels to the Bermuda Triangle to investigate sightings of a ship that has been lost since the 1930s. When his boat capsizes, he is rescued by the ghost ship, but finds he has gone back to the Second World War and everyone aboard resembles people from his own time. Nazis have boarded the vessel searching for a secret weapon, and Mulder must prevent history from being rewritten.

Cast & Crew

Fox Mulder David Duchovny
Dana Scully/OSS agent Gillian Anderson
Walter Skinner/SS sturmbannfuehrer Mitch Pileggi
SS oberfuehrer William B Davis
Jeffrey Spender/SS untersturmfuehrer Chris Owens
Melvin Frohike Tom Braidwood
Ringo Langly Dean Haglund
John Fitzgerald Byers Bruce Harwood
Director Chris Carter
Writer Chris Carter
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