The Plane Crash

The Plane Crash


It’s an unequivocal title – you know what you're going to get. An actual plane will crash, it will be deliberate and observed by experts hoping to gather data that will make air travel safer.

This sounds gimmicky, but in fact it’s completely absorbing and
often exciting. Even the heroic pilots have homely superhero names – “Jimbob” and “Chip” are incredibly brave as they steer an unwanted
Boeing 727 towards its final resting place in the Mexican desert,
parachuting from the plane just before impact.

When it comes, the actual “accident” is both terrible and stunning.
Thanks to onboard cameras, we see inside the cabin as the world collapses on a handful of crash-test dummies. Experts analyse the results and answer the question that flutters around the minds of any air traveller as he or she contemplates the unthinkable: to brace, or not to brace?


Scientists, pilots and aviation experts participate in a staged aeroplane crash in a remote area of Mexican desert, hoping the exercise will reveal more about what happens to aircraft and their occupants during forced emergency landings. Pilot James `JimBob' Slocum will put a Boeing 727 passenger jet on a crash course, parachuting out minutes before impact - with former US Navy pilot Leland `Chip' Shanle then taking charge of the craft via remote control from a chase plane. After the crash, experts will analyse the site, along with data collected from cameras, instruments and hi-tech crash test dummies, to learn more about what happens when planes are forced out of the sky.

Cast & Crew

Director Ryan Senter
Executive Producer Sanjay Singhal
Executive Producer Simon Dickson
Producer Geoff Deehan