Series 3 - Episode 5 Poison



Goodwin's medical skills are brought into question when he wrongly accuses a cafe of making a local jazz band ill and a dinner party turns murderous for Ormerod and Weatherill when their host reveals his wife is trying to kill him. The Health Authority announce plans to reorganise management at the Royal, leaving Mr Harper less than keen to reapply for his job, so Ken and Alun hit upon a plan to convince him otherwise.

Cast & Crew

Dr Jeffrey Goodwin Paul Fox
Nurse Samantha Beaumont Anna Madeley
Sister Brigid Linda Armstrong
Staff Nurse Meryl Taylor Zoie Kennedy
Nobby Jepson Fine Time Fontayne
Joe Steeples Samuel Barnett
Alun Morris Andy Wear
Barnie Wilson Charlie Brown
Matron Wendy Craig
Dr Gordon Ormerod Robert Daws
Rosie Hipwell Kayleigh Stephenson
Mr Harper John Axon
TJ Middleditch Ian Carmichael
Lizzie Kennoway Michelle Hardwick
Frank Wellborn Christopher Villiers
Dr Jill Weatherill Amy Robbins
Ken Hopkirk Michael Starke
Muriel Thorne Carol Holt
Mr Rose Denis Lill
Briony Wellborn Basienka Blake
Dr Lucy Klein Polly Maberly
Director Paul Duane
Producer Ken Horn
Writer Mark Holloway
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