Fresh Meat

Series 2 - Episode 1



Satire for youngsters, nostalgia for oldsters: Channel 4’s unromantic comedy has something for everyone. The first series also had the odd wobble but was saved by the fact that our student heroes (mismatched tenants in a Manchester house-share) were fleshed out and believable enough that we cared what became of them, even when they weren’t spouting jaggedly funny dialogue.

Series two opens with posh berk JP (Jack Whitehall, note perfect) introducing a friend to the North (“The northerner is trusting and loyal like a gun-dog”), before hearing news that makes him seize up hilariously. Scheming nerd Howard has a job at an abbatoir, and Kingsley has grown a tiny beard.


It's the start of spring term and Kingsley has reinvented himself, while Josie is turning over a new leaf by making friends with a girl from her course. JP's mate from Stowe has transferred from Exeter, and is about to deliver earth-shattering news, Oregon looks forward to becoming Jean Shales' intern, and Vod owes everybody money. Elsewhere, Howard has started moonlighting at the local abattoir, and the gang hunts for a suitable replacement for Paul Lamb, who has moved out.

Cast & Crew

JP Jack Whitehall
Kingsley Joe Thomas
Howard Greg McHugh
Josie Kimberley Nixon
Vod Zawe Ashton
Oregon Charlotte Ritchie
Sabine Jelka Van Houten
Heather Sophie Wu
Giles Gwilym Lee
Prof Tony Shales Tony Gardner
Prof Jean Shales Sara Stewart
Director David Kerr
Executive Producer Judy Counihan
Executive Producer Jesse Armstrong
Executive Producer Sam Bain
Executive Producer Phil Clarke
Executive Producer Andrew Newman
Producer Rhonda Smith
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