Skin Deep

Series 3 - Episode 7 Skin Deep



Brigid arrives at a decision and Lucy Klein is disturbed by the unscheduled reappearance of a figure from the past. Mr Harper rests on his laurels, certain the future is assured, while Ormerod and Weatherill reveal they are about to end their relationship - only to find the news is already common knowledge. Drama, starring Linda Armstrong, Polly Maberly and Robert Daws.

Cast & Crew

Dr Lucy Klein Polly Maberly
Lizzie Kennoway Michelle Hardwick
Dr Gordon Ormerod Robert Daws
Alun Morris Andy Wear
Nurse Samantha Beaumont Anna Madeley
Staff Nurse Meryl Taylor Zoie Kennedy
Anna Dawkins Sarah Kirkman
Dr Jeffrey Goodwin Paul Fox
Dr Jill Weatherill Amy Robbins
Ken Hopkirk Michael Starke
Mr Harper John Axon
Emma Waring Sarah Rutherford
Capt Daniel Waring John Sackville
Matron Wendy Craig
Sister Brigid Linda Armstrong
Mr Rose Denis Lill
Singer Mene
PC Phil Bellamy Mark Jordon
Arnold Pitt John Finn
Interviewer Joe O'Byrne
Director Paul Duane
Producer Ken Horn
Writer Sarah Bagshaw
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