Series 2 - Episode 4



Despite what connoisseurs of chocolate-covered biscuit bars popular in the 1970s might assume, the prize in this general knowledge quiz is £10,000 rather than something to be dunked in their tea. It’s the second series, which started on Monday, and host Nick Hancock is challenging another group of six players to take to the giant track and work together for
as long as they can bear.

If they get to the finish line in good shape, they each take a share of the prize. But greed will out, and individuals are given the opportunity to pursue the prize pot alone – which means they get to keep it all to themselves.


Nick Hancock hosts the game show in which six contestants compete to win £10,000 by answering general knowledge questions - but must decide whether to stick together and share the prize or break away from the pack in a bid to win big.