The One with All the Jealousy

Series 3 - Episode 12 The One with All the Jealousy

Friday 7:30pm - 8pm Comedy Central (not Comedy Central +1)
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Ross becomes increasingly jealous of Rachel's new workmate, and Joey auditions for a Broadway musical - even though he cannot dance. Meanwhile, Monica falls for a would-be poet.

Cast & Crew

Rachel Green Jennifer Aniston
Monica Geller Courteney Cox
Phoebe Buffay Lisa Kudrow
Ross Geller David Schwimmer
Chandler Bing Matthew Perry
Joey Tribbiani Matt LeBlanc
Mark Robinson Steven Eckholdt
The director Obba Babatunde
Julio Carlos Gomez
Gunther James Michael Tyler
Jeanine Wendy Schaal
Nancy Hillary Matthews
Director Robby Benson
Writer Doty Abrams
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