A Shot in the Dark

Series 11 - Episode 8 A Shot in the Dark



A police officer is admitted with a potentially fatal gunshot wound, and his 15-year-old son is given the authority to decide on the best course of treatment. Luka resolves to take more of an interest in Alex, Carter and Wendall go rock-climbing and Pratt catches Chen stealing potassium from the hospital. Medical drama, starring Noah Wyle, Goran Visnjic and Madchen Amick.

Cast & Crew

Dr John Carter Noah Wyle
Dr Luka Kovac Goran Visnjic
Dr Susan Lewis Sherry Stringfield
Dr Ray Barnett Shane West
Dr Gregory Pratt Mekhi Phifer
Dr Jing-Mei Chen Ming-Na
Abby Lockhart Maura Tierney
Nurse Samantha Taggart Linda Cardellini
Dr Neela Rasgotra Parminder Nagra
Wendall Meade Madchen Amick
Alex Taggart Oliver Davis
Dr Lucien Dubenko Leland Orser
Nurse Chuny Marquez Laura Ceron
Frank Martin Troy Evans
Benita Escobar Monica Garcia
Director Jonathan Robert Kaplan
Executive Producer John Wells
Writer Joe Sachs
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